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ELI5: Investment terms such as Stocks, Options, Futures, ETF, Forex

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London SE listed ETF's- forex charges???

I am considering investing in a technology S&P 500 tracker (ticker IITU) listed on the London Stock Exchange using iWeb platform. The underlying assets are in US dollars obviously, but the trading currency on the fact sheet is listed as GBP. I assume this means I won't have to pay any foreign exchange fees? iWeb charges pretty extortionate forex fees (1.5%), so I really want to avoid this.
Here is the fact sheet:
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ELI5: What are differences of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, Forex, Futures, and options?

The title says it all.I've done a bit of research but I feel like I still don't understand their differences.
If you could help me out that'd be great! :D
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Integration with Financial Excel Add-In – Excel Price Feed

Integration with Financial Excel Add-In – Excel Price Feed
Today we are happy to announce an integration with the financial Excel add-in – Excel Price Feed. Excel Price Feed is easy to use and featureful add-in for Excel owned and distributed by Coderun Technologies Ltd. It was launched in early 2019 and is regularly updated with new features, for EOD Historical Data the add-in has excellent support of Fundamental and End of Day APIs.
  • Excel Price Feed is an Add-in that includes 100+ new Excel formulas for live, historical, and fundamental market data.
  • Markets include stocks, stock indices, stock options, mutual funds, ETFs, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.
Learn More and download the plugin on Excel Price Feed page.
Please note that you should have both subscriptions to use this plugin with our data: from EOD Historical Data and from Excel Price Feed. Our subscriptions do not include add-in licensing and it should be ordered separately.
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Online Trading Advantages and Disadvantages

Online Trading Advantages and Disadvantages
Online trading, or direct access trading (DAT), of budgetary instruments has turned out to be exceptionally well known over the most recent five years or something like that. Presently practically all money related instruments are accessible to exchange online including stocks, securities, prospects, alternatives, ETFs, forex monetary standards and common assets. Online trading varies in numerous things from conventional trading rehearses and various procedures are required for benefitting from the market.
In customary trading, exchanges are executed through a dealer by means of telephone or by means of some other imparting strategy. The representative help the dealer in the entire trading procedure; and gather and use data for settling on better trading choices. Consequently of this administration they charge commissions on merchants, which is regularly high. The entire procedure is generally moderate, taking hours to execute a solitary exchange. Long haul speculators who do lesser number of exchanges are the principle recipients.
In online trading, exchanges are executed through an online trading stage (trading programming) given by the online agent. The intermediary, through their foundation offers the broker access to showcase information, news, diagrams and cautions. Informal investors who need constant market information are given level 1.5, level 2 or level 3 market get to. All trading choices are made by the broker himself with respect to the market data he has. Frequently dealers can exchange more than one item, one market or potentially one ECN with his single record and programming. All exchanges are executed in (close) constant. Consequently of their administrations online merchants charge trading commissions (which is frequently low - rebate commission calendars) and programming use expenses.
Points of interest of online trading incorporate, completely mechanized trading process which is merchant autonomous, educated basic leadership and access to cutting edge trading apparatuses, dealers have direct authority over their trading portfolio, capacity to exchange various markets and additionally items, continuous market information, quicker exchange execution which is critical in day trading and swing trading, markdown commission rates, decision of steering requests to various market creators or masters, low capital necessities, high influence offered by intermediaries for trading on edge, simple to open record and simple to oversee account, and no geological cutoff points. Online trading favors dynamic dealers, who need to make fast and continuous exchanges, who request lesser commission rates and who exchange mass on influence. Be that as it may, online trading isn't here for all brokers.
The drawbacks of online trading incorporate, need to satisfy explicit action and record essentials as requested by the agent, more serious hazard if exchanges are done broadly on edge, month to month programming use charges, odds of trading misfortune as a result of mechanical/stage disappointments and need of dynamic rapid web association. Online brokers are completely in charge of their trading choices and there will be frequently nobody to help them in this procedure. The charges engaged with trading fluctuate impressively with specialist, market, ECN and kind of trading record and programming. Some online representatives may likewise charge inertia expenses on merchants.
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IQ Option Account Verification Process

IQ Option Account Verification Process

IQ Option Account Verification Process

IQ options trading has become the most popular nowadays. The first binary options were introduced by banks in 2008 and then online forex brokers started offering binary options to the public.
IQ Option Trading is a very enormous platform for investing in virtual currencies and IQ Option is widely spreading platform for itself moreover it is producing a large amount of money in a minimum amount of investment.
IQ Option Trading is now offering clients to trade Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Forex, and a range of various digital options.
As pragmatic currencies are being so popular and beneficial so in consequence that is remarkably boosting trades.
In the upcoming years, this will produce more IQ Option Traders.

What is the minimum investment in IQ option?

IQ Option allows you to start trading binary options with only $10 and the lowest minimum deposit among various binary options brokers Some other brokers necessitate you to deposit you at least $100, $250 or even higher, depending on account type.
This trading allows opening an account from some different options which are completely based on the choices and requirements of the buyers.
Types of the IQ Option Trading Account:
• Demo Account
• Standard Account
• VIP Account

Opening an IQ Option Account and verification process:

Opening a new IQ Account is very easy, we are here to guiding you how you can start trading.
It is a simple process. For opening an account you have to be of legal age. Before getting started you should make sure that you belong to the eligible country.
IQ Option does not serve in many countries you can find the detailed list of the countries in which IQ option serves on their official website.

Once you complete the eligibility process you can proceed with creating your account with IQ Option. You can register yourself with your own personal emails as well as your company’s email ID if you are an agency.
After completing registration the next step will be verifying your Identity. Usually, traders find this account verification process frustrating and time-consuming, but trust me it worth it.
IQ Option ensures safe endeavour of its traders. This Verification process help IQ Option in knowing that no one else is using your account and the person is an actually a human, not a spammer.
This verification process is for one time, you need to prove your identity once, it will help you by preventing you from getting into any kind of fraud or trap.

Here you are three steps far from opening your trading account:

Step 1. Identity verification:
This first step needs to verify your identity and for this, you must provide one document.
For completing this process you can submit a scanned copy or a photo of your passport, ID card or a Driving License.
If you are using your passport it should be scanned from the front side where your photograph is displayed and if you are using Identity card or driving licence scan them from both front and backside.
Note: Make sure the document you are providing for verification has a clear photo and should not be expired
Step 2. Address verification
To verify your address or residence. You have to provide a scanned copy or with the photo of any of the following documents issued in your name.
This verification needs your name with your address also this can not be older than 6 months, whichever document you will take for address verification must contain an issued company or banks logo on itself.
For confirming your address you can choose followings:
• Statement for a bank account or credit card account
• Bill for utility services( electricity, telephone, water and other)
• Document from the municipality confirming your address with an official stamp
• Tax statement.
Step 3. Bank card verification
To prove your ownership of your bank account documents you must use a card which you use for your transaction. Requirements for providing a card. The card must contain your name.
Note: your card must be scanned from both back and front sides. Your card contains your name and you should obscure the CVV and six digits from the card.
All steps for verification of your Trading Account are easy. This is one of the requirements set by CySEC, IQ Options main regulator. Still, some traders find this process time consuming but this is necessary also, it prevents money laundering.
If you wish to start trading in binary options you must verify IQ Option Trading Account.
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My thoughts - The 3% of 3%

During the last month I changed a big amount of btc in XMR. The reasons are:
1) Completely lost interest of how Bitcoin is governed and its so many issues (leading to that I need to store my capital in a different stable coin)
2) What I describe below.
My performance coach taught me one critical principle that I apply almost everywhere I want to excel. The results so far are phenomenal. Here it is: Always find and do what the 3% of people do. Then when you do so, find and do what the 3% of this group of people do. But always use logic.
As I wanted to invest I looked everywhere (stocks, ETFs, forex, commodities and digital currencies). I liked crypto-currencies because of their innovations. When I got into crypto everyone was all over bitcoin. I knew it still had potential but I was searching for what the 3% of people interested in digital currencies do. I found about new projects launching ICOs, altcoins and investing in crypto-currency related ventures. As altcoins were the easiest to research and comprehend I went forward with this choice. I then found Monero. I was surprised of it being so undervalued at the time and I got into it with both feet.
We all understand that the hype is sky-rocketing all altcoins. Some of them do have some "news" backing them on how they will develop and what they will be in 2 or 5 or 10 years. And then on the other side we have Monero, a working project that has no news to promise as its already here and working fine. In my eyes Monero already accomplished its social contract. It works as-is. However there are many other things coming up that will enhance it even further like the upcoming hard-fork, Kovri and others tweaks (see road-map). Also other applications and integrations will soon be out to help more people use monero like payment processors (PayBee), a mobile app, wallet integrations and all other integrations for exchanging and selling Monero that are on background and we have no clue yet.
History repeats itself. There will be a sudden rise in value like a train leaving the station which happened before shooting from $0.40 to $8.40+ and that is exactly why I moved my capital back to XMR. I am observing the same patterns like before when Monero was undervalued, with very low volume and very few people (in comparison) talking about it. And on that note I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the developers and contributors that do not hype and make false promises about Monero. Might be egotistical but this gave me the opportunity to get on the Monero train (but at least I was the "good" guy making a proper research and putting my vote on something that should move forward and is worthy).
Lastly I want to close this by saying that I fully understand that things can go sideways with digital cash or Monero in particular. Many people do not understand that crypto-currencies are an experiment. I can't be someone you can trust for investment or in general. The above are just my thoughts and how I believe things will work out in the near future.
Edit: removed the amount I changed into btc.
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What is the best way to SHORT the US Dollar?

Open to all sorts of ideas, whether through ETFs, FOREX, Options, Futures, etc.
I am looking for as much leverage as possible.
Edit: Spelling
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Cheap/Discount EU-broker mainly for Irish ETFs and Forex currency trading?

Looking for cheap EU-broker mainly for Irish ETFs and Forex currency trading. Must have low fees/spreads/monthly costs, be solid and be well regulated and well protected. IBKR and offshots are out, trading212 looks good but ain't they use basic tradingview platform for trades? Does DEGIRO allow Forex? And what else beside those I've mentioned?
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How to people feel about candlestick patterns as a standalone trading signal? Sample Results inside

I am somewhat familiar with the more common candlestick patterns but have never actually used them other than to confirm a potential trade.
I have been fascinated with some of the websites that track candlestick patterns across various assets (stocks, etfs, forex, etc.) and report their performance. For example, according to this site if you traded Shopify (long and short) based on candlestick patterns alone you would have made 164% return over the past 12 months:
Trading the EURUSD using candlesticks would have netted roughly 100% return:
Other instruments such as SPY under-performed mostly because its been in a solid uptrend for the past 12 months so each move to a short position would be a drain on profits.
There are other sites too such as which are very interesting to me.
What's the catch? Does this only work for assets that are not trending up?
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How to Complete Forex Trades Using ETFs

The foreign exchange market, often called the forex market, is the most active commodities market in the entire world. On a daily basis, the forex market can experience $6 trillion (or even more) of activity, dwarfing the activity found on the stock market, the bond market, and all other marketplaces.
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Trade While You Golf - Make Money On Stocks - Forex - Derivatives - Bonds - ETFs And Other Financial Markets

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Suggestions for non-emergency money

Background: A parent died, and left me with $50k. It was in an account that I couldn't touch until I was 18, so, prior to that, I had a job, etc. etc. Fast forward to today, and I've got a Bachelor's Degree, a job that pays decent in a field I love, have a car, a place to live, no debt, a Roth IRA I've contributed to for several years, and a bank account with enough money for me to not worry as long as pay checks keep coming. And also $50k.
The past few months, I've been reading about stocks, options, ETFs, forex, and many, many other things. As explained above, I don't need this money right now, nor in the near future.
In the past few months, I've made a few trades I'm proud of (bought [email protected], sold above 11. Bought [email protected] [WiiU will make it go up, right?], sold above 15.60), and also a few I'm not proud of (45% loss, but that loss is still less than the gains from F and NTDOY). With the insight from these trades, and others I've made, as well from what I've read, I've been migrating my strategy a little bit.
And then I look at options, for something like SLV. I could buy, then sell covered calls, and make a small weekly gain, that lowers the cost basis of the original purchase, so that if SLV swings up, the call is executed and I make a gain, and if it swings down, I can sell more calls for less gain, until the cost basis lowers to a point where the calls can be sold near-er to ITM for higher gain. Does that make any sense? Or should I be doing something else? (Not just SLV. I'm using the 20% rule so not everything is in one place. Another thing I've gotten into is UVXY, which swings wildly, but has huge options [$2 for selling a call])
tl;dr: tell me I'm doing good, or suggest better. I've done a lot of reading, but don't claim to be anywhere near smart about any one piece of the investment puzzle.
Edit: if you're going to downvote, mind saying why? I thought it was worth asking :( Edit 2: The first paragraph exists to say one simple fact, which can be boiled down to this: I can afford to be risky with this money. While a loss would be unfortunate, it wouldn't be life-threatening nor world-shattering.
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Which market benefits most from Technical Analysis?

I've always wondered about the results of technical analysis on different markets (Stocks, ETFs, Forex, Options, CFDs, etc).
Which markets benefits the most from Technical Analysis? Because all of those markets behave/function in a different way from another.
I'm a pretty good Technical Analyst when it comes to Forex, but I want to expand to other markets.
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[These Tips Rock!] BEST GOLD IRA - Need Ideas For Dealing With Gold IRA? Read This

Best Gold Ira Information
The gold market is an exceptional one to enter as an investor. Whether you want to buy or sell, there is always something new to learn. This article contains a great deal of valuable information that you can't trade without. Keep reading to better understand the market and how to take advantage of it.
Use caution when buying your gold. Make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller. You can learn who you can trust by searching the Better Business Bureau website and other resources like it. If you attempt to buy your gold through online actions, pay special attention to the seller's history.
Really look into the reputation of the dealer that you are considering using. Because gold is such a high value commodity, there are a few shady operations out there that are looking to get the best of you. It's your job to make sure that doesn't happen. Research the companies fully.
Precious Metals
Before buying or selling gold, look into the market price for gold for the day. There are daily fluctuations on price for precious metals, so it's important for you to know what the current going rate is. This will help you understand whether the dealer is overpriced or fair in the offers made to you.
Before buying or selling gold, know how precious metal prices work. There are fluctuations in the prices of these metals every day, and you will want to know the current price. You also will have to pay more than melt value, but you will sell below melt value.
Investing In Gold
Bullion is the best choice if investing in gold. There is a great variety of different weights. They range from just under an ounce on up to 400 ounces. However, you may have a hard time locating bars that weigh four hundred ounces.
The price of gold tends to fluctuate over time. It is smart to buy when gold prices are very low and then hold on to it. Don't panic and sell if the price goes up and comes back down. Investing in gold over a long period of time can really end up paying off.
Gold trading is a market where only those in the know survive. Not only that, they are the people who make the most profit as well. Now that you have this great knowledge under your belt, continue to strive to learn all that you can. The more that you know, the better your strategies will be.
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Best exchange for Crypto, Stocks, Forex, Indices, ETF's, Options, Futures etc

Hi guys, Im having a difficult time deciding on an exchange (I live in the US) that allows these markets while having the lowest fees. I don't want to just jump in to the only one I can find (EToro) which seemingly does have what I need, but I thought I would poke my head in here first to see if anyone has any knowledge on the matter.
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Amifox Bester Online Broker

Der ultimative Zugang zur ganzen Welt des Tradings über AMIFOX : Aktien, Optionsscheine, Zertifikate, Fonds, ETFs, Forex, Futures, Anleihen und CFDs .
Alle Vorteile auf einem Blick
AMIFOX WebTrader Hochflexibler Online-Handel Der internetgestützte AMIFOX WebTrader ermöglicht den Online-Handel mit Devisen, Devisen-Termingeschäften, Gold & Silber auf dem Kassamarkt sowie CFDs auf Einzeltitel wie auch auf Indizes, Aktien, ETFs und ETCs. Der AMIFOX WebTrader erfordert weder einen Download noch eine Installation und kommt mit dem meisten Firewalls zurecht. Ein AMIFOX WebTrader-Handelskonto ermöglicht außerdem den integrierten Zugriff auf die professionelle Handelsplattform AMIFOX Trader – mit der kompletten Bandbreite der Produkte und Services von AMIFOX – sowie den AMIFOX Mobiletrader.
Die Märkte fest im Griff Mit dem unmittelbaren Zugang zu den Weltmärkten und der Möglichkeit des 1-Click-Handels hält der ernsthafte Online-Investor mit dem AMIFOX WebTrader alle Trümpfe in der Hand, um blitzschnell auf Preisveränderungen zu reagieren und in Echtzeit zu handeln, d. h. Positionen aufzubauen oder glattzustellen sowie mit individuellen Stop-Orderzusätzen entstandene Profite zu sichern und Verlustrisiken zu minimieren. Der AMIFOX WebTrader eignet sich auch für die Nutzung durch Introducing Broker und White Label-Partner von AMIFOX.
Der AMIFOX WebTrader bietet Ihnen: Handel mit mehr als 155 Devisenpaaren (inkl. Gold- & Silber-Kassahandel), Devisen-Termingeschäfte, Aktien, Futures und über 6.600 CFDs Doppelte Hebelwirkung bei allen Devisengeschäften (bis zu einem Kollateralbetrag von EUR 50.000) sowie beim Handel mit Index-CFDs und ausgewählten Aktien-CFDs (bis zu einem Kollateralbetrag von EUR 50.000) Einfache Anwendung; weder Download noch Installation von Software nötig Extrem bedienungsfreundliche Benutzeroberfläche mit verbesserten Möglichkeiten für individuelle Konfiguration One-Click-Handel – für noch schnellere Orderausführung! FX-Kurse in Echtzeit, ständige Updates der Kontoübersicht sowie aktuelle Marktinformationen von angesehenen Nachrichtendiensten und fortwährende Marktdaten-Updates durch AMIFOX Hohe Sicherheit für Ihre Investments bei einer voll lizenzierten und regulierten EU-Bank als Partner. Mit der umfassenden Handelplattform AMIFOX Trader und dem AMIFOX MobileTrader für Handel via Handy funktional voll verbunden
Globaler Marktzugang – individuell konfigurierbar Online-Handel war nie flexibler: Der AMIFOX WebTrader ermöglicht den Handel mit zahlreichen Anlageklassen in einer völlig individuell konfigurierbaren Handelsumgebung. Der Anleger schafft sich aus einer breiten Auswahl an Charts, Kursanzeigen, Marktinformationsquellen und News-Feeds sowie umfangreichem Research genau das Handelsumfeld, das seine Marktposition als Anleger optimal unterstützt. Durch den Wegfall jeglicher örtlicher und zeitlicher Grenzen haben AMIFOX -Kunden beim Handel an den internationalen Kapitalmärkten klar die Nase vorn.
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New IPO - #TBMTRUST #blockchain #investment #money #funds #market #bonds #exchange #company #results #result #investor #investors #investmentPortfolio #analytics #mlm #business #cryptocurrency #crypto #bitcoin #coins #forex #hagefunds #mining #forks #IPO #betting #bet #ETF

New IPO - #TBMTRUST #blockchain #investment #money #funds #market #bonds #exchange #company #results #result #investor #investors #investmentPortfolio #analytics #mlm #business #cryptocurrency #crypto #bitcoin #coins #forex #hagefunds #mining #forks #IPO #betting #bet #ETF submitted by TBMTRUST to u/TBMTRUST [link] [comments]

Trade While You Golf - Make Money On Stocks, Forex, Derivatives, Bonds, ETFs And Other Financial Markets

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So I’m buying EITHER the ASX-listed ETF (IVV) or the US-listed ETF (VOO) for the same index (S&P500). How does forex affect the growth of the ASX-listed fund?

If the Aussie dollar weakens, ceteris paribus, does IVV.AX increase or decrease in value?
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New IPO - #TBMTRUST #blockchain #investment #money #funds #market #bonds #exchange #company #results #result #investor #investors #investmentPortfolio #analytics #mlm #business #cryptocurrency #crypto #bitcoin #coins #forex #hagefunds #mining #forks #IPO #betting #bet #ETF

New IPO - #TBMTRUST #blockchain #investment #money #funds #market #bonds #exchange #company #results #result #investor #investors #investmentPortfolio #analytics #mlm #business #cryptocurrency #crypto #bitcoin #coins #forex #hagefunds #mining #forks #IPO #betting #bet #ETF submitted by TBMTRUST to u/TBMTRUST [link] [comments]

‪A short report of trading activities on news factors for the first week of November 2019 for some major accounts (FOREX investment program).‬ ‪🌐‬ ‪#TBMTRUST #result #investor #mlm #business #bitcoin #forex #hagefunds #mining #forks #IPO #betting #bet #ETF‬

‪A short report of trading activities on news factors for the first week of November 2019 for some major accounts (FOREX investment program).‬ ‪🌐‬ ‪#TBMTRUST #result #investor #mlm #business #bitcoin #forex #hagefunds #mining #forks #IPO #betting #bet #ETF‬ submitted by TBMTRUST to u/TBMTRUST [link] [comments]

ETF Trading - How to Grow a Small Account Quickly - YouTube Investing Basics: ETFs - YouTube ETF Y CFD ETFs - The Future Is Waiting - YouTube ETF Trading Strategies - Basic Strategies For Trading Exchange-Traded Funds

ETF issuers are ranked based on their aggregate 3-month fund flows of their ETFs with exposure to Currency. 3-month fund flows is a metric that can be used to gauge the perceived popularity amongst investors of different ETF issuers with ETFs that have exposure to Currency. All values are in U.S. dollars. Currency ETPs are generally more volatile than broad-based ETFs and can be affected by various factors which may include changes in national debt levels and trade deficits, domestic and foreign inflation rates, domestic and foreign interest rates, and global or regional political, regulatory, economic or financial events. Currency ETF: Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) invested in a single currency or basket of currencies. Currency ETFs aim to replicate movements in currency in the foreign exchange market by holding ... For example, say you had invested $500 on the first of each month from September 2012 to August 2015 in the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY), an ETF that tracks the S&P 500 index. Each ETF is placed in a single “best fit” Category; if you want to browse ETFs with more flexible selection criteria, visit our screener. To see more information of the Currency ETFs, click on one of the tabs above. * Assets in thousands of U.S. Dollars. Assets and Average Volume as of 2020-10-08 16:21:04 -0400

[index] [715] [2107] [1442] [5825] [3561] [3084] [4110] [1524] [1293] [3551]

ETF Trading - How to Grow a Small Account Quickly - YouTube - In this trading tutorial we will cover some very basic (Exchange-Traded Fund) ETF trading strategies. An ETF is an exchange traded fund – a form of investment fund that’s bought and sold on stock exchanges. ETFs usually seek to track the performance of a benc... Source:- ETF Options when combined with the right options strategy, can be one of the best and safest way... 🔥 Acciones, Opciones, CFDs, Futuros o Forex / Que es mejor 2020 - Duration: 21:24. Trading Como Negocio 989 views. 21:24. ETFs: Guía Completa sobre Fondos Cotizados El Club de Inversión ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.